The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I'm taking a Games for Learning class this semester, and one of my assignments was to choose a game I've never played before, play it for at least 20 hours, and then write up my game experience. I chose Breath of the Wild, as its a game I've been dying to play since it came out. I thought I'd post that write-up on the blog, both for those who have played Zelda and want a good discussion, and those who have yet to play it and have no idea what the hype is about.



I want all of you to picture in your mind's eye, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. Now, put that in a box somewhere in your mind and label that box "NOT REAL". Artificial Intelligence is many decades, if not centuries, from ever approaching something remotely like a Terminator or SkyNet.

Virtual Reality is Cool.

From my tiny NYU apartment above Union Square, you can hear the noisy city pulse with energy down below.  The smells of street vendors slither into the room; laughter, voices, shouting all echo off the steel walls surrounding my building. This is definitely a different way of life from the quiet suburbs of Germantown.  It's loud;... Continue Reading →

First Post

A common thing among PhD students is to start a blog to record their thoughts. A journal of some sorts. A window into the inner stream of consciousness. There appears to be several schools of thought centered around the reasons behind it. Here's why I'm doing it now.

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