First Post

Hello all,

A common thing among PhD students is to start a blog to record their thoughts.  A journal of some sorts.  A window into the inner stream of consciousness.  There appears to be several schools of thought concerning why.

Some think it is most important to document their thoughts.  While this could be easily accomplished within the hidden pages of a private journal, a blog allows information to flow freely, for ideas to be spread and built upon.  After all, isn’t the idea of science and research to build upon former knowledge and to improve human understanding?  What not a better way than to get everyone to weigh in on the matter?

Others see blogs as a tool to show off what they’ve accomplished, an electronic trophy room of sorts.  “These are my ideas.  Look at them.”  While seemingly self serving, using a blog as a resume isn’t a terrible idea.  While not as formal as a resume, a blog adds a feeling of freshness and personality to a candidate that a resume never could have.

I find myself in yet a third camp.  I see this blog as a way to hold myself accountable.  By making my musings public, I have inherently promised to you all that I will write more musings.  In a private journal, I could stop at anytime, forget about it, etc.  Now that I’ve made it public I’ll be that much more invested.

This summer, I begin my New York City life with an internship at PWC.  I’ll be working with their cybersecurity team for two months.  Then in September, I’ll begin my school work at NYU.  It will be a five year long journey, and I intend to update this blog as time goes on.

The backs are packed. The clock is ticking. Here we go…


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