Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, and Education: How It All Fits

Hi guys! I've been wanting to get this out for a while because I think more people should be able to understand AI research. My goal with this blog post is to make so if my beautiful, talented mother reads this post, she could understand it and regurgitate what I do to any of her friends. So here it goes...

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The Generative Design in Minecraft Competition (GDMC)

Hi guys! Long time, no post! (I'm really bad at the "every two months" thing aren't I...) So yesterday was my birthday (I'm 24 now wow!) and one of my favorite birthday presents was this news article. Although I'm not sure what my research has to do with business or markets, I don't mind that they bounced the original story from here. Read all about it here!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I'm taking a Games for Learning class this semester, and one of my assignments was to choose a game I've never played before, play it for at least 20 hours, and then write up my game experience. I chose Breath of the Wild, as its a game I've been dying to play since it came out. I thought I'd post that write-up on the blog, both for those who have played Zelda and want a good discussion, and those who have yet to play it and have no idea what the hype is about.

Professor A.I.???

We believe that AI has been used for several roles commonly in research such as content-creator, player, and student. Naturally there are more obscure roles that don't fit into these categories. We suggested a new role that has not been proposed yet: that of teacher. The problem is: If I have a game, can I generate a way to teach you, the player, how to play it?

Education and Games

My belief is that there are two ways to go about the infusion of video games and education. The first one of these is a very transparent meshing of the two. Gamify education. Make it easy to see that you took education and made a game out of it, like what we did with Edu-Venture. The second is to hide the education deep under layers, so the player has no idea that they were ever learning in the first place.


I want all of you to picture in your mind's eye, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. Now, put that in a box somewhere in your mind and label that box "NOT REAL". Artificial Intelligence is many decades, if not centuries, from ever approaching something remotely like a Terminator or SkyNet.

Open Data

"What is 'Open Data'?" Open Data is information that is available to anyone that wants it. Wikipedia is a perfect example: it's free, it's easily available, and it's (mostly) true. Right now, the largest and most obvious use of open data is to look stuff up. That's a relatively straightforward use for it, but it makes you wonder, what else could you do with open data?

Virtual Reality is Cool.

From my tiny NYU apartment above Union Square, you can hear the noisy city pulse with energy down below.  The smells of street vendors slither into the room; laughter, voices, shouting all echo off the steel walls surrounding my building. This is definitely a different way of life from the quiet suburbs of Germantown.  It's loud;... Continue Reading →

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